Why Google Trends is Important for Keyword Research ?

Keyword Research by Google Trends | If You are a blogger then You already know how much work we do before writing a single post. Keyword research is essential before writing anything on the internet.

Google Trends helps us to find keywords for every type of content. If you do not know then I will tell you how you can do keyword research with the help of Google Trends.

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What is Google Trends?

You already know that successful bloggers use paid keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, etc. but new bloggers do not have that much money to buy these paid tools.

New bloggers find free tools that help them to find keyword research for free. Google Trends is a product of Google that records all the data that people search on Google.

Google Trends shows us How many times a keyword is searched on Google. This tool is completely free and It helps us to choose a profitable keyword for our website.

Because if we choose a keyword without keyword research then there are almost zero chances that we will rank for that keyword in SERPs.

Google Trends shows us which topic is being searched on Google today or yesterday or a random date. It will show us graphically how many people search for a particular keyword.

It will also show us that the search for a particular keyword has increased or decreased in the date range selected by us. 

We can choose the date range in Google Trends. This product was started by Google back in 2008 as Google Insights for search but in 2012, they renamed it Google Trends.

It became very popular among all the bloggers and business man because it shows all the data that what is happening on the internet and the best part is everyone can access it easily.

One of the best features of  Google Trends is, it shows category-wise results. So, we can check easily our category. 

I hope You got all information about Google Trends. Now, let's learn why Google Trends is extremely important for every content creator.

Why Google Trends is Best for Free Keyword Research?

Google Trends shows us all the data about any particular keyword in the date range 2004 to currently. It is extremely important for everyone whether he is a new blogger or an experienced blogger. Because you get all the information you need in Google Trends.

All the paid keyword research tool gets data from google about a keyword's search volume, Competition, etc. Because 75% of the online search market is owned by Google. So, Google Trends is a Google product, It has more information than other tools.

If You want to target any country traffic then you can set the country in Google Trends and It will show you about that country's keyword search data. 

If you want to use Google Trends then go there and on top, there is an option to choose a country. by default, it will on the United States but you can change it to your country. 

After choosing the country if you want to see the Trending Searches, you can do it by clicking on the sidebar. If you want to search about a particular keyword then you can also do it on the home page. 

If you want to compare two keywords then first search one keyword and click on compare and enter the second keyword and Google Trends will show you complete data about those two keywords.

You can also check more keywords in the Explore Tab. The more you use Google Trends the more you will get friendly to it. I hope you understood why Google Trends is important for Keyword Research.

Google Trends is very useful for any web creator if they use it correctly.


In this article, I have shared about Why Google Trends is Important for Keyword Research. I hope you have liked this article and If you do then do not forget to share this with others. Also, do share your views in the comment section. Thanks for reading

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