How to Make Cartoon Animation Video on Android ?

Cartoon Animation Videos are in trend nowadays on youtube. People are getting Millions of views on their cartoon animation videos. In India Kids Animation Stories videos have more than 500+ million views. 

If you also want to create cartoon animation video then you will have to work hard because it is not easy but if you do not have a PC or Laptop then I will tell you to step by step that How you can make cartoon animation videos on your Android Smartphone.

Animation video on android

Welcome to Us Tricks. My Name is Lokesh and I am the writer of this blog. Today I am going to teach you How to Create Simple Cartoon animation videos on Android to upload on youtube. 

I hope this article will really helpful to you. Now first learn more about Cartoon Animation.

What is Animation?

Cartoon Animation or I say Animation is a method by that you can move photographs or cartoon drawings and make a real looking video. 

You can make whatever you want in the animation. After rendering the final video looks like original world video but which are only moving images. In the past animation was done by hand created images or cartoons but in the present time, almost all animations are made by Computer Graphics.

I hope now you understand what animation really is. Now, let's learn How you can do animation on android.

How to Make Animation Video on Android?

As you all know today smartphones are capable of doing almost all things that PC do but Smartphones have limitations. 

The original software to make animation video is so big in size that you can never use it on smartphones actually this software also does not work on low-end PC. Now you know How hard it is to make animation video on android. 

but I have an official trick to make animation videos on Android Mobile. There is an application on Google Play Store that helps us to create animation videos on Android smartphones. 

The Application is TweenCraft. Yes, Tweencraft is the application to make Cartoon Animation Videos on Android smartphones. It is an amazing application developed by KalpKriti INC

This application has all the features to create a Professional Animation video. Now, let's learn How to download and use the TweenCraft application for android.

How to Download and Use TweenCraft Application?

TweenCraft is the best android app to create animation videos in a few minutes. If you want to make your career in this field then you have to start learning TweenCraft app because you can not learn this app in one day. 

This app has paid mode also if you buy the paid version of the TweenCraft app, you will be able to use more features of this app.

If you want to Download the TweenCraft app then you can download it by clicking here. This link will redirect you to Google Play Store and You can easily download it from there by clicking the Install button.

I hope now you understand How to download the Tweencraft app. Now let's learn How to use this app.

When you will open this app on your mobile, It has complete tutorials to learn this app before using it. You can easily learn about this app from there.

So, I hope you have understood everything about the TweenCraft app.

How to make money by Cartoon Animation?

I will tell you the simplest method to make money with animation. You can make lakhs of rupees per month by creating animation videos. I am not telling you to create a movie or waste money to learn more and more about animation. 

If you have basic skills of animation then you can easily make money from it. First of all, create a Youtube Channel and make Hindi Kids Stories videos. 

yes, these videos get popular in a very short time and you will make money from animation. Not only kids but elders also watch these types of videos.


In this article, I have shared How to make animation videos on android and make money online. I hope you have liked this article and if you do then do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for Reading

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