How to Decrease Storage in Android ?

Decrease Storage in Android | If your Android smartphone storage is full and you do not want to lose your important data then this article is for you.

Android Smartphone storage has a limit and if you cross this limit then your smartphone will not behave normally and it will also hang sometimes.

If your smartphone is facing this problem and you do not know what to do now then I have a solution for you to get rid of this problem and I will explain it to you in this article.

So, You should read this article till the end to get complete information about decreasing your android smartphone storage.

decrease android device storage

Welcome to our blog, In this article, I will tell you How to decrease Android Smartphone storage. I hope you will really like this article this is why I suggest you read this till the last word.

So, without wasting any more time let's learn why you should decrease your android smartphone storage.

Why You Should Decrease Android Device Storage?

Android is a Mobile Operating System that was launched in 2008, from that time many changes have made in Android. But one issue remained as always which is limited storage capacity. Some people do not get affected with low storage capacity but not all.

Everyone has their different needs with an android smartphone. Some people use android mobile just for calls and their social media but some people use android devices for their work like Photography, Video Editing, Gaming, etc.

In these works, the android device consumes more storage but we have a limit on storage. So, when the storage limit is over android shows us a message that we need to clean the device but it does not help and at last, we have to delete our important files, videos, photos, and other things.

There are some features available like cloud storage and other features like transfer your data to Pendrive etc. but these simple ideas do not help us at all.

If our android storage is filled then we have to clear it and if we do not do that then our android smartphone will not work normally and it will hang or it will get reset automatically which will delete our all data without our permission.

Storage problem hangs our phone so much that sometimes when we are in hurry or something then we face this problem that our smartphone gets hanged and we can not do anything about it, we just have to wait till the smartphone gets normal and it seriously irritates ourselves.

I hope you have understood that why you should decrease your android device storage and now let's learn how you can decrease it.

How to Decrease Android Device Storage?

If you want to decrease your android device storage then I will share some steps with you and you just have to follow all of them. 

Step 1:-

I will share a useful method that applies to all brands of android smartphones. First of all, you have to go inside Settings then Search for Storage.

You have to reach storage because in all brand of the android smartphone there is a different location for Storage but you can find it in the Additional Settings or System Update group.

Step 2:-

After reaching storage, Open it then you will see cache and it will be sized more than 2-3 GB. Yes, this stores your most of storage and does nothing but just increasing your storage.

You have to Tap on it and it will ask you to clear the cache and you have to submit it successfully. If you do it it will clear your 2-3 GB storage capacity without deleting your personal data.

Step 3:-

This is a very special step because it depends on the smartphone brand. You have to go inside your File Manager and you will find one folder named by Your android device OS, You have to delete it because it consumes a lot of data in your smartphone and it does nothing it only stores OS updates which has nothing to do when your phone is updated.

So, If your smartphone is not based on any OS and made by simple android OS then you will not find any folder like this.

Step 4:-

To complete this step you again have to go inside File Manager then go to DCIM Folder. In this folder you will find a folder named Thumbnails, You just have to delete this folder and it will surely increase your device storage.

If Thumbnails Folder is not showing in your DCIM then just enable Show Hidden Files and it will be showing inside the DCIM folder.

I hope you have completely understood How to Decrease Android Smartphone Storage.


In this article, I have shared How to Decrease Android Device Storage. I hope you have really liked this article and if you do then do not forget to share it with your friends. Thanks for reading

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