How to Delete URL from Google?

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If You are facing a problem while removing any page from Google Search Results then this article is for you Because in this article I will guide you to remove any Url from Google. I will tell you in this article How to Delete any URL from Google.

Why You Need to Remove a Url from Google Search?

In today's time, there is very high competition to get rank high in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) and if you want to rank high then you have to analyze your competitors.

In Google Search, there is a lot of Outdated Content. 

Suppose You are Searching for something in 2019 and any website that wrote about it in 2014 and now that thing is totally changed from the article that explained it.

That time this content called Outdated Content and if you want to Remove Outdated Content from Google to help other people so, they don't waste their time on it.

Sometimes when we click any search result then it shows an error saying this content not available now.

That time you have to Remove that result from Google Search Engine.

Also, When we see a Url on a search result that is inappropriate then we can request Google to remove that result from the google search engine.

After requesting to remove any URL from google. Google manually analyze that URL and if it not good for search result or it is redirecting to 404 error page and if it is outdated then they remove it from Google Search Results within 3-4  hours.

If You are a blogger and you want to rank higher in SERPs then you have to analyze the whole search engine result pages and have to look that how your competitors are doing if any of the results is not available then you can request to remove that URL from the search result.

Because that will make higher chances for you to get up in the SERPs as one of your competitors will not be there so you will get one position up in the SERPs, that's how to remove URL from Google can help you to rank higher in SERPs.

Also if any page of your blog/website is not working then you should remove that page from google search because that can make your SERPs rankings down.

Step by Step Tutorial to Remove Url from Google -:

If you want to delete any URL from google then follow all the below steps carefully and you will be able to remove any outdated content from Google.

So, let's start with how you can submit a request for Outdated Content Removal.

Step 1 -

             First of all, you need to copy that Url, you want to remove from google. to copy that URL search that URL in google and then copy that from here.

Step 2 -

             Now Click on the below link and you will reach on a website like the below photo and Paste that copied Url here and click on request removal. Remove Url From Google Link 

Step 3-

            After that, it will check if this Url is eligible to remove and if it is not available or has Outdated content then it will ask you for submitting a request to remove that Url from Google and then it will show as Pending on that Page.

Step 4-

              Now all you need to do is wait for 3-4 hours and employees of Google will manually check it and will remove it from google search results.

Conclusion :

That's how you can Remove Url from Google. I hope you have liked this article and if you do then don't forget to share it on social platforms and if you have any questions about it then don't forget to ask them in the Comments Section.

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